What is “Single Donor” Raw Hair?

There are so many different “origins” of hair in this overly saturated market within the wig and hair industry.  Pricing for hair extensions can range from VERY affordable, with very little longevity to “Luxury” standards with a shelf life of 5+ years with proper maintenance. 
When we speak of Raw Hair Single Donor hair, we speak of Luxury Standards. 
This hair is the Crème de la crème of the hair industry. As oppose to purchasing bundles that are sorted from many donors and labeled as such, Single Donor hair are ponytails that are cut from 1 and only 1 donor and sold based on what the individual has donated. 
This means you can purchase anywhere from 2oz to 6oz from 1 person. This is great for shelf life because you are only having to deal with the hair, texture, and pattern of 1 individual. Because of this, the cost is more and the behavior, look and feel of the hair will have a
VER realistic appearance. 
Hair of this nature will last you many years. We have seen up to 10 years with proper maintenance.
Check out our Raw Cambodian Single Donor Wigs and UParts in our site at www.straightfromthescalp.com


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