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by Straight From The Scalp on Sep 19, 2022

how do i get my hair extensions to have shine?

The right hair oil can make all the difference between having dull, dry, and damaged-looking locks or beautiful shiny tresses.

With so many different oils on the market, it's hard to know which one is best for your hair extensions.

The type of serum will depend largely upon what kind of extensions are being used as well as your personal needs.

Hair serum is a very light hair oil that is going to nourish your hair without making it look greasy nor be heavy on your extensions.

The most common problem with Raw Hair extensions is dryness, the lack of shine and these oils I am going to share with you are THE BEST oil serums to bring back the moisture, shine and volume:

1. Mythic oil L’oreal Paris

This oil will smooth your hair, and prevent damage and dryness when styling. It also has heat protection properties and can be used for silk presses as well.

2. Silk Perfume from Balmain Hair Couture

I am in total love with the smell! Silk perfume is a dry oil and very light that is also going to give you shine and leaves the hair smelling divine

3. Oribe Gold Lust

This oil is for me!!  This luxury product nourishes, protects, and strengthens the hair and leaves it looking lustrous.

4. True Soft Argan Oil Maria Nila.

A nourishing Argan Oil that softens, moisturizes and strengthens your hair. The Argan Oil quickly absorbs and makes the hair smooth while reducing frizz.

5. Oil Reflections Wella 

This Luminous Smoothing Oil is a versatile finishing oil that helps style the hair effortlessly and will nourish and strengthen the hair.

Take the time to try 1, 2 or all of the suggestions above on our Raw Hair extensions, and then let us know what you think.  Leave your feedback on or Instagram page so that we can shout 📣 you out.

xoxo Keenya 💋

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