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Cambodian vs. Indonesian Hair

what is the difference between cambodian and indonesian hair?

Are you wondering between Cambodian hair vs Indonesian hair and don’t know which hair origin to buy? 

Both types are top-notch Raw hair options that can provide the perfect look depending on your personal preference.

Read this article about identifying which type will work best with you.

Raw Cambodian Hair:

Cambodian hair is purchased/donated from women in Cambodia with different living conditions than what we are accustomed to her in the states.  Because of this, the textures provide different hair features. Below are the definitions of these 2 types of hair. 

Cambodian hair is hair that is cut and collected from the women of the Khmer ethnic minority.  

Cambodian hair has a natural black or dark brown color due to the influence of sunlight or other factors. Cambodian women rarely style their hair before selling it to manufacturers, so Cambodian hair is soft and smooth. It is a proven fact that certain textures of Cambodian hair are able to blend seamlessly with African American hair and sometimes utilize very little heat.💋

Raw Indonesian Hair:

Indonesian hair is hair that manufacturers collect or buy from young women in ethnic minority areas or highlands of Indonesia. Because Indonesian women often wash and care for their hair with products of natural origin, with little use of chemicals, Indonesian hair has a smooth and glossy finish with high luster.

As with all Raw hair extensions, after collecting Indonesian hair, the producers will clean and process the hair prior to selling it on the market. 💋


Characteristics of Cambodian and Indonesian Hair

  • The texture of Cambodian hair:  Cambodia’s climate is divided into two seasons.  The long rainy season and the long dry season.  Cambodian hair has a coarse texture, a thick cuticle, is slightly curly, and moderately soft. Cambodian hair also has different textures like  straight, curly or rippled appearance.  Cambodian hair does not have the same shine as Indonesian hair.
  • The texture of Indonesian hair:  When comparing Cambodian hair vs Indonesian hair, Indonesian hair is higher in luster and the hair fiber and cuticle are thinner and not as coarse. 

Price of Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair

When looking at the pricing of the different origins, you will find that Indonesian hair is cheaper in price than our Cambodian strands.  Cambodian hair has been on the market and has more popularity.  Indonesian hair just came on the hair extensions scene just recently and has gained notoriety.  Because of the longevity in the business, Cambodia has adopted better practices when constructing bundles and lace and are able to afford the more industrial machinery to produce hair extension products.

Indonesia on the other hand is coming up in the industry, but still has a ways to go in regards to providing great lace products and obtaining the newer industrial machinery needed.

Because of the differences, you will find Cambodian hair extensions are more pricey in comparison to Indonesian extensions.  This doesn't convey a difference in quality.  Both origins, with proper care and maintenance, will last well beyond 3+ years.

While your here, check out both our Cambodian and Indonesian Collections to take advantage of our Raw hair options.

Thanks for the read! 💋

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