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Will Insurance Cover The Cost Of My Raw Hair Wig?

will Insurance Cover Raw Hair extensions


If you are facing hair loss due to a medical condition or treatment, a cranial prosthesis, more commonly known as a medical wig, may be covered by your insurance policy. A medical wig is considered durable medical equipment, and most insurance companies will cover between 80% and 100% of the cost with a prescription from your doctor. In order to get coverage, you will need to contact your insurance company and ask about their policy on medical wigs. They may require you to get a pre-authorization before coverage is approved. Once you have the pre-authorization, you can take it to your chosen wig supplier and they will help you select the perfect wig for your needs. With insurance coverage, there is no need to worry about the cost of your wig, so you can focus on getting back to feeling like yourself again.

Do I Need A Prescription For My Cranial Prosthesis?

Yes! It's important to have a prescription for a cranial prosthesis if you plan on using insurance to cover the costs. Without a prescription, you may be stuck paying for the full cost of the wig out of pocket. If you are looking to purchase a wig or cranial prosthesis, you will need a prescription from an authorized physician. Insurance companies typically require a prescription in order to help cover the costs of these items.

Types Of Hair Loss Covered By Insurance...

  • Alopecia Hair Loss
  • Chemotherapy Related Hair Loss
  • Radiation Related Hair Loss
  • Thyroid Related Hair Loss
  • Kidney Related Hair Loss
  • Cancer Related Hair Loss
  • Medical Hair Loss Due to Genetics, Stress, Reaction to Medical Illness, Life and Environmental Changes, Aging, Thinning, and/or Balding

What Your Need To Do On Your End...

Contact Your Insurance Company and ask the following:

  • If your policy covers a cranial prosthesis
  • If yes, what type of cranial prosthesis is covered (i.e. synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, etc.)
  • How much of the cost will they cover
  • What specific terminology your provider needs to have on the prescription for a wig
  • What specific documentation your provider needs to submit for your claim.

REMEMBER: When speaking with your medical provider, NEVER use the term "wig".  This will automatically get your claim DENIED!  When referring to a wig, the medical terminology is a "Cranial Prosthesis"

This is a wig...but for insurance purposes...this is a "Cranial Prosthesis"💋

If you are interested in purchasing your next Raw hair unit from Straight From The Scalp and utilizing your insurance options, please reach out to us at hello@straightfromthescalp.com to have your questions asked.

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