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Curly Hair Extensions: Why They May Appear shorter than You Ordered

by Straight From The Scalp on Oct 12, 2022

Curly Hair Extensions: Why They May Appear shorter than You Ordered

You've been eyeing those curly hair extensions for months now. You finally took the plunge and ordered some bundles. They arrived today and you eagerly ripped open the package. But upon first inspection, you're disappointed 😢. Your Raw hair extensions seem shorter than what you ordered. 20 inches looked a lot longer on the model in the photo! But don't fret, this is normal. Curly and wavy hair extensions are tricky to measure because, well, they're curly and wavy!

The best way to get an accurate measurement is to use a soft measuring tap and pull the hair straight. Once you do this, you'll see that your 20 inch bundle is actually the 20 inches you ordered ( give or take a few ). So why the optical illusion?

The Science Behind It All...
When hair is curly or wavy, it takes up less space than when it is straight. This is because curly hair has a lot of bends and kinks which makes it more compact. Straight hair, on the other hand, lies flat and takes up more space (length). This is why your 20-inch bundle of curly hair extensions appears shorter than expected but is actually the length you ordered.

Do I Have to Pull My Hair Straight to Measure It?
No, you don't have to pull your hair straight to measure it but it is the most accurate way to do so. If you don't want to pull your hair straight, you can still get an idea of how long your extensions are by holding them up next to a ruler or measuring tape. Just keep in mind that this method is not as accurate as pulling the hair straight before measuring.

How do I know what length to get?                                                                     That all depends on where you want the hair to lay when the hair is in its natural state.  If you want the curls to fall at the shoulders, then get the extensions in a shoulder length natural state.  If you should want blow dry and flat iron the hair to wear the hair straight, then it will be longer of course, but in its natural state, it will fall exactly where you want it.

The best example of curly hair expectations is our Caicos Curls...


So there you go...you are now an expert in the field of measuring Raw curly and wavy hair.  Remember, your bundles are the length you order, but appear shorter in their natural state.

We look forward to you being apart of the Straight From The Scalp family.  See ya soon! 💋

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