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Do You Know Your Raw Hair Company?

Raw Hair

Does your Raw Hair company take the time to get to know you?

Are you considered family?

Do they treat you as such?

The hair industry is truly saturated and generates approximately $86 billion a year as of 2021.  That is A LOT of money and your Raw hair company should appreciate your business.

At Straight From The Scalp, we understand that good customer service is the lifeline of any business. It's what separates the best companies from the rest. Good customer service means providing customers with what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. It means delivering a positive experience that leaves customers feeling satisfied and coming back for more. As the world progresses and technology advances, good customer service has become even more important. With so many choices available to customers, they can easily take their business elsewhere if they're not happy with the service they're receiving. That's why it's so important for businesses to go above and beyond to deliver outstanding customer service. By doing so, they'll stand out from the competition, build loyalty among their customer base, and reap the rewards in terms of profitability and growth.

This is the exact reason why we take every opportunity to educate you regarding the Raw hair industry, our Raw hair products and the benefits of Raw hair.  We seek to create a Raw Hair Boutique.  A place where you can not only shop for your Raw hair products but candles and eventually nice and sophisticated clothing options.

So remember, whether you shop with us or a different brand, this is what good customer service looks like:

  • Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during, and after a purchase.
  • The perception of success of such interactions is dependent on companies "who can adjust themselves to the personality of their guest".
  • Good customer service has been found to reduce complaints 
  • It is important to note that good customer service does not always mean that the customer is happy with the purchase, but rather that they are satisfied with how their purchase was handled.
  • Excellent customer service often leads to repeat business as well as referrals. 
  • It is essential for businesses to focus on providing good customer service in order to retain customers and grow their business.

If your Raw hair company isn't treating you as above, then you have a right to go elsewhere.  Somewhere you are respected for the money you spend and the appreciation that is shown before, during and after your purchase.

Hope you found this to be a great read and we look forward to you joining the family!  💋


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