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What does our "Natural Look" mean?

where can i get a natural looking wig?

What is a ‘Natural Look’ Raw Hair Wig


Looking to enhance your everyday look or maybe you want to change your look based on your personality. It is totally up to you and the inner person seeking to take center stage Om any given day, thanks to the enhancement of the hair and wig industry, gone are the days of our grandparent’s wigs that were stiff and crunchy that didn’t have a part and looked like a family of birds had set up shop in the wig overnight. Nope! We not doing that in 2022. 


Straight from the Scalp, we specialize in wigs that give a very “Natural Look”. That is a wig you can take from the Zoom room to a night on the town. 


Our Cambodian and Indonesian “Natural Looking” wigs have a density of approximately 150%.  This is how we keep our cost low and you looking GREAT 💋.   

Here is the PERFECT example of our "Natural Look" Upart wig.  Will provide a very realistic appearance when worn!

With the use of under 3 bundles, our units don’t weigh the head down and you will get the appearance that the hair is growing Straight From The Scalp!  


We create our closure wigs as well as UPart wigs with a “Natural Look” so you will always have the option to select a unit that has a very professional look with a realistic appearance. 


Visit our shop at www.Straightfromthescalp.com and get your Zoom on!!! 


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