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How Do I Maintain My Raw Curly Hair?

by Straight From The Scalp on Oct 05, 2022

How Do I Maintain My Raw Curly Hair?

Summer is officially over, but you paid too much for that curly hair to stuff it in a satin bag and wait for next summer to rock it again.  No ma'am!  You can wear your curly hair all year round'...now wearing white after Labor Day...that is still up for discussion!   LOL

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your Raw Curly Hair Extensions:


  1. Denman Brush
  2. Water
  3. Conditioner
  4. Spray bottle
  5. Diffuser
  6. Cotton T-shirt

Now let's put this all together step-by-step...and make sure you follow to a T cause you don't want frizzy curls

1. Wigs - section hair in 3-4 parts and brush the hair completely out to remove any kinks or loose hair.  This is the same process as your bundles.  Use your Denman brush to make sure the curls maintain their coil pattern

2. You are going to use a combination of water and conditioner to saturate the hair.  Get your Spray Bottle and combine 2/3 water and 1/3 conditioner of your choice.  Make sure it is a moisturizing conditioner that doesn't way the hair down. (DISCLAIMER: Our Burmese curly hair doesn't require the use of condition on the hair.  Just use water!) Saturate each section of hair with the mixture making sure it is completely soaked and saturated prior to moving on to step 3.

3. Use your Denman brush once again.  This time we are defining the curls.  You will start from the ends and work your way up.  Take the Denman brush and your fingers and define the curls.  You will see the curls start to "pop" as you do this process.  At this time, you will add any curl serums of your choice to enhance the coil pattern.  Heavily textured hair like Cambodian hair will require a hair serum to maintain the low-meduim luster BUT remember, this is Raw hair so less is more.  You don't want to weigh the hair down

4. SCRUNCH!!!!  Get your T-shirt and start to scrunch from the bottom up the shaft.  The T-shirt will prevent frizz as well as collect excess water from the strands.  The major important thing about this step is to SCRUNCH!!!  After you have completed this step, let the wig hang upside down on a flat surface for about 1 hour.  This will help to define the curl pattern.  IF you are wearing the wig on your head...move to step 5.

5. Get your handy, dandy, diffuser.  That is that funny-looking piece with legs that should come with your dryer as an attachment.  Using a diffuser will help to define the curl pattern as well as eliminate frizz.

6. MOST IMPORTANT STEPS...DON'T TOUCH THE CURLS!! ❌. Leave them alone and allow them to air dry.  Wigs...hang the wig up to dry.  If you are wearing the wig, resist as much as you can to run your fingers through the curls.

Repeat these steps whenever you feel your curls need a refresh. 

Look no further...Straight From The Scalp has Cambodian and Burmese Curly hair in bundles and clip-ins and don't forget to check out our Ready-2-Ship and Custom options for curly hair.

Class is officially over because you have mastered how to maintain your Raw Curly hair...now go rock it like it is yours!  LOL



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