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How To Get The "Messy Bun" Look w/Raw Hair Extensions

How To Get The "Messy Bun" Look w/Raw Hair Extensions

Gone are the days of ultra-tight low hanging hair buns that give that old-school librarian vibe.  With so many daily responsibilities, even our hair wants that "get up and go" type of feel to it, and that is where the oh-so-cute messy bun comes in to play.  Now if you like/love the librarian tight bun...then go for it!  No judgement here!

Now that summer is over and the kids are back in school, many parents will find themselves in haste to get to school events, practice sessions, car rider lines....<--- oh how I dread the car rider lines!!!! But parents are just on the go and many times hair is your last thought, BUT HONEY IT MUST BE DONE before you hit those streets!  Don't give the other ladies something to talk about!

So let us give you some tips on achieving the perfect Messy Bun:

1. Security

We must make sure that our bun NEVER falls off!  That would be a disaster 😬. Make sure your foundation is secure by combing all of your hair into an elastic band.  Ensuring there are no lumps and the hair is free of knots.  Make sure to leave a couple of ringlets on the side.  This will enhance the effortless Messy Bun look.

2. Wind-de-Wind-de...

Next, you need your Raw Hair Clip-In Extensions to secure to your foundation.  The Raw Hair Clip Ins will give the look of the hair coming Straight From The Scalp!  The amount of Clip Ins you use it totally up to you to achieve the look you are going for.  Straight From The Scalp provides Raw Hair Clip Ins in Straight, Curly, Natural Wave, and Burmese Curly.  Once you have decided on which works best for your look and you have applied the clips to your foundation, it is not time for a lil Wind-de-Wind-de!  You will wrap the clip-ins around and around to create a well crafted Messy Bun look. 

3. Let it hang out

At this point, you have wrapped your clip ins around and around it is might look just a lil bit too neat...NOT!  That is not the look we are looking for!  We want a MESS...not a hot mess, but a mess!! 😉. Spray a lite holding spray to your clip in bun and start to pull and separate some of the strands and let them fall to give the Messy, but gorgeous, effortless effect.

And there you have it...and effortless Messy Bun using the best strands available, which is Raw Hair.

Thanks for the read! 💋

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