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Investing in Effortless Hair Extensions

is raw hair expensive?

I have always believed in investing my time in timeless pieces, whether it be fashion or beauty. I would rather spend $1000 on a coat that will last forever than buy $10's worth of clothes and wear them for six months before they've gone out of date or deal with cheap materials.

Well, that is how I feel about our Raw Hair Extensions.  Investing in good hair means you can wear your extensions with confidence. Our Indonesian Human Hair is the most effortless and easiest-to care for because it will never tangle or shed, meaning that when wash time comes around again everything still looks great!  

As with our Cambodian hair.  You will still encounter that effortless and VERY realistic look.  Cambodian hair is great for naturals, or those that relax their hair.

I know my stuff!! I have been wearing Hair Extensions for a long time and to be honest, Raw Hair is by far the best hair in the market and so easy to style at home.

Whether you are a professional woman or a woman in the creative industry, you need options. So adding Raw hair to your collection is a must
As a luxury brand our focus is to always provide the best quality Hair Extensions that will last you forever.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started browsing our collection of wigs as well our hair bundles. 


xoxo ❤️ Keenya!


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