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Raw Hair Tape-Ins @ Home 🏡

Are tape ins good for your hair?

Tape-in hair extensions are a popular choice for those looking to add length, volume, or even color to their hair.

The great thing about Raw hair Tape-In extensions is that you can do them at home YOURSELF!!!  😳  Now, although we suggest having it done by a professional, you are capable of doing them on your own with the assistance of a couple of tools.


1. Your Raw hair Tape-In extensions

2. Rat tooth comb

3. Hair clips to keep the hair in place

4. A Tape-In hair clamp or a heated flat iron

5. A mirror so that you are able to see the back of your head during application

raw hair


The extensions are applied using double-sided tape, which adheres to the natural hair and creates a secure base for the extensions.

Because our Tape-In extensions are made from Raw hair, they can be styled to blend with your natural hair and successfully give you that natural look with great luster and just the right amount of shine. 

Our Raw hair tape-ins are available in a natural color of 1 or 1b, which is a natural to off black.  Just like your natural hair, Raw hair Tape-Ins take to dying different colors easy, even up to a level 613.

With Raw hair Tape-Ins, finding your desired texture is easy and it will be based on the origin of the hair. 

With proper care, your Tape-In extensions will last for several years, making this a great investment.  

tape ins

When you are ready to take your Tape-Ins down, make sure you are using the proper solution and using PATIENT!  You don't want to run the risk of ripping your own hair out while removing the Tape-In.  Allowing the solution to penetrate the hair and dissolve the glue, you will find that your Tape-Ins will slide right out. 💋

Once you have completed your takedown, shampoo, and condition as you normally would. 

Tape-in extensions are a great way to enhance your appearance without damaging your natural hair.  Although Raw Tape-Ins provide a temporary solution to adding volume to your natural hair, Tape-In extensions can last you for several weeks, with very little maintenance.  



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