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What Is A Lace Closure?

what is a raw hair closure

What is a lace hair closure?

Closures are a great way to cover up thinning hair, a bald spot, or a great topper to complete a constructed wig. weave or wig. They can also be used to protect the hair from damage caused by wind, sun, and other environmental factors.

Of the different types of closures ranging from synthetic hair to Raw Hair, human hair closures are the most popular type, as they offer a natural look and feel. However, Raw Hair closures are also an option. You will find that Raw Hair closures are more expensive than most closures, and are sometimes hard to source for different origins of hair, but they will provide the most realistic appearance.

raw hair closure

Closures are available in different sizes, colors, and styles to match any hairstyle. Lace closures are available in different sizes, colors, and textures to match your own hair. Closures are typically 4 inches by 4 inches but they come in many sizes ranging from 2x6, 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7. Of course, the more lace used the higher the price point. This is due to the time and skill set needed for the ventilation process.

The amount of time it takes to ventilate a lace closure piece depends on the size and complexity of the design. A simple closure can be ventilated in a couple of hours, while a more intricate one can take up to 10 hours.💋

Because all lace hair products go through a ventilation process, depending on the skill set of the individual ventilating the lace will determine the amount of time it will take to complete the lace closure.

Hair ventilation is a process of hand-knotting hair onto a base of a piece of lace. It is used to create wigs, toupees, and hairpieces.

The size of the knots and the number of hairs per knot vary depending on the desired look. For a natural-looking wig, smaller knots and more hairs per knot are used. This creates a softer, more believable hairline. At Straight From The Scalp, you will find that our lace closures come with small fine knots at the perimeter of the hair line so they provide a very realistic look.

When ventilation is done well, it results in a wig that looks and feels natural. The hairline should appear realistic, and the wig should be comfortable to wear. Poorly ventilated wigs can look fake and feel uncomfortable.

If you're considering getting a lace wig, make sure you find a reputable wigmaker who has experience ventilating lace closures. This will ensure that you get a high-quality wig that looks great and feels comfortable to wear.

One of the benefits of a lace wig is that it can be styled in many different ways. You can wear your hair in a sleek style or in a more casual, tousled look. And because the wig is attached to your head with a form of adhesive, you don't have to worry about your wig coming off while you're styling it.



What sizes do hair closures come in?

Hair closures come in a variety of sizes, from 2 inches by 6 inches all the way up to 7 inches by 7 inches. The size you need will depend on the amount of lace you are looking to use for your units. This is determined by the amount of parting space you are looking to achieve.

Parting space is very important because you want to achieve the most realistic look. You want the hair to appear as if it is growing "Straight From The Scalp". Many of our customers prefer 5x5 and 6x6 closure pieces, while others will go for the grand momma of closures and that is a 7x7 closure.

A 7x7 closure will give you a LARGE amount of parting space, which is 7 inches going back and 7 inches across. The more parting space you have for your closure, the more realistic it will appear.

But let us not forget our the 2x6 closures!!! Those are very popular in the hair industry at this time, and are known as the "Kim K" closure. If you notice that when Kim wears her hair straight with just a part down the middle, she is usually wearing a full wig with a 2x6 closure giving her that realistic look with a parting space that goes from the tip to the middle of the top of her hair.

2x6 closures are extremely cheap because of course due to the length and the width of the closure, there is less hair and less time spent during the ventilation process.


How long do hair closures last?

Hair closures can last for several months, depending on how well they're cared for and the maintenance and upkeep by the user. We must always keep in mind that lace closures are not like bundles of hair. A lace closure is individual strands of hair woven and knotted into small holes on a piece of lace. This means that there are several factors that can potentially compromise the lace and the hairs that are knotted into the lace. This could range from:

  • Over processing the knots when bleaching
  • Excessive plucking of the knots
  • Heavy manipulation of product or combing and brushing of the closure
  • And pure neglect of the hair attached to the closure.


Besides 2x4 closures, closures are NOT cheap, especially Raw Hair closures.

The time and craftsmanship that goes into creating closures are what make the product expensive BUT creates an amazing end result for the consumer!


What are the benefits of a hair closure?

There are many benefits to wearing a hair closure, including:


1. Coverage: A hair closure can provide coverage for small or large areas of hair loss or the need to top off/complete a hair unit.


2. Natural look: A closure can give you a natural-looking head of hair. You always want people to get the impression the hair is growing Straight From The Scalp, and a "good" crafted lace closure will give you that!


3. Low maintenance: Closures require little to no styling and are easy to care for IF you are willing to put in the effort. This means maintaining the lace. Using great styling products. Being careful to avoid puncturing the lace, and making sure to wash, condition, and treat the hair in a timely fashion.


4. Durability: A good quality closure can last for several months with proper care. Proper care entails, treating the lace in the most delicate fashion. Depending on the type of lace purchased, will determine the level of durability the lace can withstand. At the time of this blog post, HD lace is the most delicate lace on the retail market.


5. Versatility: Closures can be worn to create a variety of styles, including ponytails, buns, updos, braids, and many other options.


How do I choose the right hair closure?


When choosing a hair closure, there are a few things you should keep in mind:


1. Size: Make sure the closure is the right size for your head or the wig unit you are seeking to purchase. Keep in mind, that the more lace you have on the unit, the more until need to maintain the lace for that unit.


2. Style: Choose a closure that complements your personal style. Nothing tops off a unit better than a closure that mimics the bundles that are attached.


3. Color: Select a color that matches the color of your wig or extensions. With a Raw Hair unit and lace color, it is easy to color as light as a blonde 613 level.


4. Texture: Choose a texture that works well with the texture of your wig or extensions.


5. Quality: Look for a closure made with high-quality hair that will last for several months with proper care.


How do I care for my hair closure?

Proper care is essential to prolonging the life of your hair closure. Here are a few tips:


1. Shampoo and condition your hair regularly with products designed for color-treated or processed hair. Salon-grade products work best, but if on a budget, there are some big box supermarket brands that will work.


2. Be gentle when brushing or combing your hair on the lace, especially when it’s wet. Use a wide-tooth comb or brush with soft bristles.


3. Avoid excessive heat styling, which can damage your hair on the lace. If you must use heat, be sure to use a heat protectant spray.


4. Store your hair closure in a cool, dry place when you’re not wearing it. A silk scarf or pillowcase can help keep it from tangling.


5. Have the hair trimmed regularly to get rid of split ends and keep your style looking fresh.


With proper care, your hair closure can last for many months. By following these tips, you can keep your lace hair healthy and looking its best.


What's better a frontal or closure?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on personal preferences. Some people prefer frontals because they provide more coverage and can be styled in different ways. Others prefer closures because they are less expensive and easier to maintain. Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on your own needs and preferences.

At Straight From The Scalp, although we love frontals, we do not sell them. We seek to provide the most comfortable, low-maintenance options when it comes to hair units. Although beautiful, frontals are MAINTENANCE!!! Purchasing a 7x7 closure will give you the look of a frontal WITHOUT the maintenance a frontal will require.


If you are looking for the most natural look, then a frontal may be the better option. It will give you not only the middle or side parting space you are seeking, but it will also provide realistic sideburns.

BUT If you want something that is easier to maintain, then a closure will be the better choice. Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on your own needs and preferences.


No matter what type of hair loss you're experiencing, or if you are just looking to attach a closure to your bundles, a closure can give you the coverage you need to feel confident and stylish. Reach out to us for questions about which closure is right for you.


We hope this blog post was educational and enjoyable to read.

Thanks for reading! 💋

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