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Why Raw Cambodian Hair?

by Straight From The Scalp on Jun 13, 2022

is cambodian har real hair?

We are in love with our Cambodian Raw Hair products.


Raw hair is a “mood” and isn’t for everyone but ❤️’d by many.


The reason Cambodian hair is so popular in the market is that it is an origin of hair that can be blended with different hair types. Especially for black hair care, Cambodian Raw Hair extensions blend very nicely with natural as well as relaxed textures.


Depending on the Raw Cambodian pattern that you select, it will help you to determine if your tresses will blend seamlessly.💋


Be mindful that with some Cambodian textures, if you are Natural, you will need to apply heat to your hair to mimic the pattern selected and if you are Relaxed, sometimes it will just blend effortlessly, requiring very little heat if any at all.


Cambodian Raw Hair extensions provide a natural low luster look, holds curls for days, and will provide you with the confidence that you need to know that wearing either a Wig Unit, Extensions, Tape Ins, Clip Ins,  or as a UPart Unit, you will achieve a that your very realistic appearance.


Check out our website www.straightfromthescalp.com to purchase your Cambodian U part wig‘s. Cambodian Raw Hair UPart Wigs. Cambodian Raw Hair Single Donor Wigs, as well as Cambodian Closure Units.



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