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What Is The Difference Between Raw and Mink Hair?

by Straight From The Scalp on Jul 29, 2022

Raw Hair

Well, let us just start off by making a BOLD but FACTUAL statement...THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MINK HAIR!!! No, no minks are harmed in the making of mink extensions!

The term "Mink Hair" is a marketing term to define a type of "virgin" hair that is manufactured by Chinese vendors.  Many hair companies will say anything to sell their precious bundles and using the term "Mink Hair" is just another to add to the list.

Now... let's talk about something that is real!  Raw Hair is REAL hair and is in a whole ball game by itself.  100% Raw Hair is stronger than Mink Hair and comes from 1-2 donors at a time.  This top-tier hair has no comparison to "mink hair".  High-quality Raw Hair provides many years of longevity and use.  The hair can be dyed up to a 613, or worn in its natural colors of 1 or 1b.  Raw hair is not steamed or treated at all.  It is just Raw Hair.  For some, this may not be as appealing as Mink hair, which is steamed and treated to mimic the patterns and textures that many people like, and this hair is usually able to be worn directly out of the bag. 💋


Raw hair will arrive to you from us, washed and conditioned, and smelling amazing.  Once air dried, the hair will have enhanced its natural pattern whether straight, wavy, or curly.  It will take some maintenance to maintain the patterns but will always give a very natural, realistic appearance minus the high shine that mink hair provides.

When wearing Raw Hair, you want to make sure it looks or resembles your natural locs.  This make the look appear as if it is coming "Straight From The Scalp". 

We hope this blog was able to Educate.

Thank you for reading! 💋

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