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At the age of 21, Keenya was inspired by hair extensions and the hair industry. She wanted women to experience the same feeling she received while enhancing her natural hair with the use of hair extensions. After spending countless nights searching the internet, speaking with vendors in different countries via WhatsApp at all hours of the night/morning, and spending a great deal of money sampling different vendors in search of the perfect product/vendor, this was done the old school way before there even was such a thing as a "Vendors List"!! The mission was clear, Keenya wanted to provide a luxury product that would make women feel more confident when their hair looks good and has a VERY realistic appearance. That is when Straight From The Scalp was born.
Straight From The Scalp wants to be your Raw Hair Boutique. The goal is to take the corporate woman from the Zoom room to a night on the town without skipping a beat! Not only do we offer the best Raw hair extensions, but we also provide other products that set the mood, such as Raw Hair accessories and candles. Wigs allow you to take on different personalities, and that is an entire mood within itself, so don't forget to sample the SFTS Candle Co.

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If it doesn't look like it is coming Straight From The Scalp then why bother!


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