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Home Grown Passion....Our Just An Addiction?

As the owner of Straight From The Scalp, I have always had a passion for hair extensions. No, let me be honest, it was nothing less than an OBSESSION!! In my late teens and for many years after, I would purchase wefted hair from the local beauty supply store and create my own clip in extensions.  This was way before "clip-ins" were a thing. 
I grew tired of the need to purchase new hair every 2 weeks.  I grew tired of investing time and money into extensions to only be left with dry, dull extensions that have thinned out, became matted and basically money down the drain.  I didn't trust hair manufactured from certain countries, because it just didn't define the realness I was looking for.  I knew for certain I wasn't the only one experiencing this. 
In May of 2015 I birth my business My Lace Wig Addiction and made my first post to Instagram....and then I struggled!!! 😞. People didn't know what Raw hair was, and couldn't understand why it was so expensive but my goal was to recoup my $10k investment.  After many years and barely any sales, but knowing I had an AMAZING product, I stepped away from the hair game, but always kept in touch with my vendors, and would place small orders for myself and friends. 
As I stated, this was an obsession, so I was drawn back to the game because I could know longer accept that fact that EVERYONE was happy with shiney "Brazilian" hair 🤨
And this is how Straight From The Scalp came about.  After being in the Raw hair industry for nearly for over 10 years, my reality was, my product was helping women.  I am providing women with a product that is a major investment and they are VERY happy with their purchases.  Mission Accomplished!!
Our hair is mainly sourced from Cambodia, Burma and Indonesia.  I found that hair sourced from these countries provide patterns and textures that mimic the textures of Black women almost perfectly.
We provide several textures and wave patterns to cater to many needs/desires and because we provide a product with the longevity of 3+ years with the proper maintenance, our customers always come back desiring several different patterns. 
Oh by the way...check our competition, and you will see, we have some of the best pricing on the market for Raw hair extensions.
Welcome to Straight From The Scalp....so glad you are here!