Such a common let us provide the answer!

UPart wigs are not uncommon in the hair extension industry.  These types of units provide an opportunity for the customer to incorporate their natural hair and utilize the wig as an extension to enhance their overall look.  

This is the exact same thing that a VPart wig would provide BUT....The Difference Is...VPart wigs allow the need for very little leave out!  UPart wig will require more hair to leave out to fill the U-shaped patten, which at times can compromise the blend needed to mimic the origin of the unit.  The least amount of hair you need to blend to mimic the origin of the unit, the better.

So next time you have the itch to want the need to have your hair breathe, or you just want a "no lace" look, try another Raw Hair option and select a V or U Part unit.